Besiktas Shipping | Health & Safety


At Besiktas Shipping, we are passionate about protecting the environment and committed to a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards pollution. We strive to ensure that the waters on which our ships operate are safeguarded from all pollution risks and take proactive measures to identify and correct any unsafe or hazardous conditions. Our Senior Management is committed to conducting our business with integrity and in compliance with all applicable international, national, and local laws and regulations.

We understand that environmental pollution can be caused due to system failures and human errors. Hence, we have implemented a comprehensive maintenance program and a training program for our staff to prevent these errors. Our Safety Management System outlines a set of procedures that enable us to achieve our objective of preventing pollution from various sources such as oil, sewage, garbage, and greenhouse gases.

At Besiktas Shipping, we take our responsibility towards the environment seriously, and we are continuously striving to improve our practices. We achieve our objective by maintaining, implementing, and monitoring relevant procedures and operational instructions as per our Safety Management System.