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Health & Safety

At Besiktas Shipping, we are deeply committed to the health, welfare, and safety of all the amazing crew members and staff who work tirelessly aboard our vessels and in our offices. We extend this same care and concern to our contracted personnel and anyone else who is directly or indirectly connected to our business and operations.

As a team, we provide a safe and healthy working environment that prioritizes the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses. We believe this is crucial to our purpose, size, and context, as well as the specific nature of our OH&S risks and opportunities. We always conduct our business with the utmost integrity, in full compliance with all international, national, and local laws and regulations that govern our activities.

We want to ensure that each Besiktas member fully understands and embraces the concept of safe operations, which is why we strive to maintain the highest welfare standards possible on board our fleet vessels and in our offices. Our ships are equipped with the best possible water, food, and equipment to support crew welfare, and free access to activity equipment like gyms, games, and internet connections is provided.

Our commitment to safety and welfare is not just hollow words; we have the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification to prove it. Through the implementation of our Health and Safety Protection Policy, we aim to achieve several objectives, including safety at sea, the prevention of injury, occupational diseases, and human loss, the elimination of hazards, and the reduction of OH&S risks.

We are dedicated to continual improvement of our OH&S management system, which includes consultation and participation from our valued crew members. Additionally, we are committed to the prevention of damage to our property, including our vessels and cargo. To achieve these goals, we have included relevant procedures and operational instructions in our Safety Management System (SMS), which we implement, maintain, and monitor with the utmost diligence.